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Providing freedom and opportunities to do what you love, while making a difference in hundreds of lives.

Invest in your future and gain financial, time and lifestyle freedom.

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Opening an Altitude studio starts from $80k. Finance options available.

Altitude Pole & Fitness is first and foremost a fitness based pole dance and aerial studio who believe that working out should be fun, social and empowering. 

With Altitude you choose how involved you are in the day to day running of the business. We’ve set everything up so you can work as many or as few hours as like. You'll still gain the financial freedom you deserve. 

Become part of the revolution that is changing the way we get fit. This is your chance to help people feel amazing about themselves, making a difference in hundreds of lives.

why Altitude?

we've figured it out so you don't have to.

Altitude has spent the last eight years building and proving system after system so that we can ensure a successfully run business without the owner having to commit every second of their free time for nothing. 

We’ve done all the hard yards and the boring parts. We trialled, documented, tested and refined our strategy until we were satisfied that it could be rolled out to anyone, successfully. 

As an Altitude Franchise, you’ll get the benefit of our proven systems, ongoing product and service development, professional promotional material, up to date and high-quality curriculums and instructor trainings, plus continued and ongoing support to help ensure success for your studio.

You, as the studio owner, can take a step back from the day to day tasks and can concentrate on working on the business rather than in it, if you choose.

then & now

Altitude Pole Onehunga

The first Altitude was opened in 2010 by Karry Summers, using just a small room in Christchurch that was rented by the hour and had 4 poles up. 

After losing this space to the 2011 earthquake, the decision was made to lease a space solely for the use of Altitude Pole and really make a stand in the New Zealand pole scene.

Now in 2019 there are six Altitude Pole studios throughout New Zealand and the Altitude system has been proven time and time again. We're so excited to be looking global for this next step in the Altitude journey, be part of it with us!

Opening up with the Altitude Pole Franchise model was the best decision ever.

This model allows you to grow a sustainable business that can run without you working in it 24/7, which creates time and financial freedom. So much of the work has already been done for you and it is such a pleasure to work alongside the Altitude HQ team.

Altitude Pole Whanganui

Becoming an Altitude owner was the best thing I could have done for my existing studio, and for myself. With the fantastic systems they have built, not only providing a full curriculum but systems for improving student engagement and effective studio management, swapping to an Altitude offered us the opportunity to jump years into the future of where we would have been had I looked at doing this on my own.


so, what are you waiting for?

the HQ team

Founder of Altitude Pole and CEO - Altitude Pole HQ

From Software Engineer to pole dance addict, Karry Summers has been on the pole scene since 2008, winning various titles both throughout NZ and internationally. Alongside her own pole training, Karry has worked to grow the pole industry and community, through events such as Pole Legends, NZAPP, the NZ Pole Industry Awards and of course, NZ’s largest pole and aerial fitness studio, Altitude Pole & Fitness. 

Helping people live a life of passion is what energises her and drives her to push forwards every day.

Karry Summers


Franchise Support and Operations Manager - Altitude Pole HQ
PLUS Client Care Manager and Pole Instructor - Altitude Pole Christchurch Central

Anna came on board as a student at Altitude Pole in 2015. Over time as she began poling more and more, joining the team at Altitude was naturally the next step. For Anna, the best part of the job is seeing the growth and transformations both students and franchise owners experience. Alongside of Altitude, Anna runs her own business Peaches Polewear, making costumes and aerial dance activewear. Altitude has given Anna a life she never could have imagined. 

Being surrounded by passionate people, maintaining a perfect work/life balance and being in a role where she can help and support others so they can achieve their goals, Anna is dedicated to Altitude and watching the pole industry grow even more. 

Brand Manager, Marketing Co-Ordinator, Graphic Designer - Altitude Pole HQ

Steph began with Altitude as a student in 2014 and quickly found pole dancing and Altitude becoming an important part of her life. In 2016, with much excitement, she began freelance designing the odd thing for Altitude. Fast-forward to mid-2018, Steph was officially brought onto the team as Brand Manager for Altitude HQ. Shortly after that, in early-2019, Steph eagerly took on the Marketing Co-Ordinator role which gave her the opportunity to quit her muggle-design job and focus on Altitude fulltime. 

Steph is seriously passionate about design, branding and marketing. To have the opportunity to work for a brand that she truly believes in and be there to help more Altitude studios grow is an absolute dream come true. 


"Opening Altitude has filled my life with so much meaning and joy, seeing and hearing about the amazing journeys our students have during their time with us. And now I get to work with and help other amazing studio owners create a life they love. Seeing them succeed is the most amazing feeling in the world."

Karry Summers, 
Founder of Altitude Pole & Fitness

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